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16 Bordeaux & Blood
9.00 9 408
A very unique and original plot! Can be played as a Real Life roleplay, set in New Orleans circa 1865 or take part in solving the mysteries and crimes our board plot is based on! Comments
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17 Domestic Felicity
9.00 1 421
A Pride and Prejudice roleplay that starts right where the book left off. The main characters are happily married off now, but will they attain the domestic felicity they have dreamed of? Comments
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18 Stars Over The Atlanic
9.00 94 511
Unsinkable. Or so they say. For the hundreds of passengers ready to board the legendary Titanic, the thought of ice in the North Atlantic is far from their minds. But disaster awaits those who least expect it so keep your eyes open. Rated M. Comments
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19 First Impressions
9.00 0 1017
FIRST IMPRESSIONS is a Regency-era role play. The atmosphere is relaxed, as we focus more on having a good time than on graphics or thousand word posts. There is not really a terminal board-wide plot, but we instead focus on subplots in order to allow new Comments
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20 Sherwood Secrets
8.00 1 345
King Richard is dead! As is Robin Hood and his men. The throne sits vacant and England is in turmoil. Yet deep within the forest, a secret is about to be revealed. The Legend of Robin Hood lives on! What side will you choose? Comments
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21 Sunset Over Benevolence
8.00 6 451
The small village of Benevolence lives in fear of the mysterious beasts that haunt the neighbouring woods. They are defended by creatures they believe to be regular cats, but are truly far more complicated. Set roughly in eighteenth century rural England. Comments
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22 Banners of Gold
8.00 0 372
The year is 1137.
Upon the death of Duke William X of Aquitaine, his daughter, Eleanor, was quickly married to King Louis VII of France. Two great families, both descendants of Charlemagne, were united on 25th of July, 1137. Two days later King Louis VI
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23 Puttin' on the Ritz
8.00 3 337
The year is 1948 and the Wizarding World is blooming once more. Thoughts and memories of the First War and the diastrous aftermath have long been forgotten. But will something come along to shatter the illusion of hope? Comments
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24 Storms of Westeros
8.00 1 307
War has recently met the Seven Kingdoms and the lords of the realm have barely recovered. A boy king sits the Iron Throne and the crimes of the past have been forgiven, yet even so there is plotting, manipulation and backstabbing as lords and knights gras Comments
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25 The Tudor Dynasty: Reign of Arthur Tudor
8.00 55 608
We already know the story of Henry VIII and his famous reign, with all his (unlucky, some may say) wives, and the male heir to the Throne of England matter...

But what would have happened if his elder brother, Arthur, had never died?

Come and join u
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26 Before the Mast
8.00 306 1392
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27 Tides of Valhalla
8.00 45 350
A Viking RPG, where the Kingdom of Uppland gets isolated as Giants raid the mortal realm and the Gods stand silent in Asgard. The old king is dying. During his reign the warrior dead were sent to the heroic lands of Vahalla. But as his time comes to an en Comments
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28 A Sinking Feeling
7.00 5 345
(M) The Titanic and the history around it has fascinated the world for nearly a hundred years. What happened on that fateful night?

Join us as we find out for ourselves just what happened on the legendary maiden voyage.
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29 Ab Antiquo
7.00 60 428
Ab Antiquo is an Edwardian Era Fantasy RPG set in London, England. Step into a time in which magic is reborn, mysteries linger in the air, and the city streets are buckling under the weight of a rising rebellion. Fae walk among mortals once more. Comments
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30 The Roman Republic
7.00 4 535
RPG set in the Late Roman Republic. Players join other players in an attempt to make their family the most powerful one in Rome. The year is 104 B.C., and for the first time since Hannibal crossed the Alps, the Republic of Rome faces real danger. Comments
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