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76 After The Tudors V2
1.00 0 542
You watched the tumultuous reign of their father... now it's their turn.

After The Tudors is an AU site, but uses history as a guide, and takes aspects from the Tudors TV series, as well as the Elizabeth movies.

Rating: Mature
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77 Tudor Era RPG
1.00 0 320
It is now 1560 and Queen Elizabeth is only 27. She has just begun her reign only two years earlier and the people of England are not at all sure if one so young will be able to rule. She is doing her best however, and the people seem to be satisfied... fo Comments
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78 Cross the River
1.00 0 252
In a time of war, famine, disease, and tyranny, humanity has turned away from the Gods in an attempt to turn the power towards themselves. But now, everything they have tried is being turned against them. They're only hope is in the Demi Gods. But their h Comments
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79 in silence sealed
1.00 578 1669
The candlelight flickers against the paling breeze. Between the yellowed pages of history, there lays a time of great change. Listen to their whispers - of love lost, and found again, of pain and sorrow, of family and scandal. This is Victorian London. Comments
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80 Legends of Pendragon
1.00 0 534
An Arthurian play by post RPG, set in and around Camelot where the reigning monarch is King Uther Pendragon. Centres on Crown Prince Arthur Pendragon and his friend Merlin's youth. Royals, nobility, soldiers, mages, assassins, peasants and canons all RPab Comments
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81 Versailles Court - 1751
1.00 0 1088
The year is 1751... France has become the center for culture and fashion. Lavish lives and raving mad parties have taken over the prim and proper court members from behind the scenes. The rich clothing, the succulent meals, and oh, the scandals! The pleas Comments
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82 - - HIDE&SEEK.
1.00 0 300
The Kingdom of Roanth, a once beautiful and peaceful place, now in ruins. Hearts are being broken, and vows are being betrayed as tensions run high. On the brink of war, what shall happen to this once wondrous land?? Comments
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83 Masquerade!
1.00 0 356
The year is 1873, three years after the events of the phantom. The opera house as been bough by two brothers and is back in full swing. The only thing needed now is to find a full cast to preform shows once again. Comments
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84 For Crown and Glory
1.00 0 1378
In court, myriads of stories bud and bloom. Whether they twist and turn in schemes and blood or whether they grow straight and steady in their paths is up to you involved. Scandal is plenty at court and turmoil constantly brewing. How will you survive? Comments
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85 Deliverance: 1776
1.00 1 353
As one tumultuous year draws to a close in the American colonies, the Second Continental Congress has disbanded briefly. Yet there is no end in sight to the rebellion that began last summer. Will the new year hold reconciliation or full-blown revolution? Comments
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86 For King & Court
1.00 0 1633
King Henry VIII is on the lookout for his next victim--er, wife. Scandal and religious upheaval rock the King's court in 1510. Whatever your reason for coming, His Majesty the King of England welcomes you. PG-13. Comments
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1.00 0 254
Once upon a time in Nazi-occupied France... there was a band of merry Nazi-murdering men known to the enemy as the Basterds. It was through the cruelty of the Basterds that the Jackboot devils would know who they were. The evidence of their cruelty could Comments
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88 Falling out of Love
1.00 5 264
The year is 1841. The month? April. Spring is here; everything is in full bloom in England--even the ladies! Political turmoil remains, as always, hidden behind lacy fans and the planning and execution of debutante balls. The season has began! "Jane Auste Comments
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89 Pompeii
NR 1 88
The year is 20 BC. The last of the Ptolemies have been put down with the death of Cleopatra and her gelded, dissident ex-patriot, Marc Antony. Rome stands in its own shadow at the zenith of its militaristic power and glory, the conqueror of the known worl Comments
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90 Tombstone, A Wild Ride
NR 1 56
A magical wild west site, Tombstone, A Wild Ride is pretty plotless, and wordcountless. Angels and Demon's walk among the mortals
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