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76 High Faith
1.00 25 368
We are in the year 1515, and England has once again fallen beneath the dark cloud known as 'The Sweat'. People all over the city are falling into a panic as the first of the sick begin to die. Even their King is sick, can the pregnant Katherine handle cou Comments
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77 Tudor Era RPG
1.00 0 322
It is now 1560 and Queen Elizabeth is only 27. She has just begun her reign only two years earlier and the people of England are not at all sure if one so young will be able to rule. She is doing her best however, and the people seem to be satisfied... fo Comments
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78 Falling out of Love
1.00 5 266
The year is 1841. The month? April. Spring is here; everything is in full bloom in England--even the ladies! Political turmoil remains, as always, hidden behind lacy fans and the planning and execution of debutante balls. The season has began! "Jane Auste Comments
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79 Di Venezia
1.00 0 268
The year is 1606, the setting? La bella Venezia. The city is at turmoil, two clerics have been arrested for petty crimes, and the church can no longer own any land! The pope puts Venice in Interdict, and the churches no longer holds and services. In a cit Comments
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80 Edolon: Empires at War
1.00 516 643
After five years at war, king and crusaders return to a realm where the peace they fought so hard to preserve may already be gone. A medieval game set in the royal court. Mature, no word count. Comments
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81 Cross the River
1.00 0 253
In a time of war, famine, disease, and tyranny, humanity has turned away from the Gods in an attempt to turn the power towards themselves. But now, everything they have tried is being turned against them. They're only hope is in the Demi Gods. But their h Comments
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82 Masquerade!
1.00 0 359
The year is 1873, three years after the events of the phantom. The opera house as been bough by two brothers and is back in full swing. The only thing needed now is to find a full cast to preform shows once again. Comments
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83 Domhnall
1.00 173 674
Welcome to the kingdoms of Morbourne, Fallhaven and Valcoast. These cities of Domhnall are unique & all tied together. The population is a mix of humans & mages, with the ruling bodies of each kingdom the latter: super powered & deadly. Though for now the Comments
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84 Remnants of an Empire
1.00 1 191
The year is 410 C.E. -- and from the Atreos Mountains in the far west to the Blessed Isles on the eastern edge of the continent the Amoraean Empire rules the known world. For over five hundred years the Emperor of Amoraea has held dominion over countless Comments
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85 in silence sealed
1.00 578 1672
The candlelight flickers against the paling breeze. Between the yellowed pages of history, there lays a time of great change. Listen to their whispers - of love lost, and found again, of pain and sorrow, of family and scandal. This is Victorian London. Comments
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86 For King & Court
1.00 0 1636
King Henry VIII is on the lookout for his next victim--er, wife. Scandal and religious upheaval rock the King's court in 1510. Whatever your reason for coming, His Majesty the King of England welcomes you. PG-13. Comments
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87 - - HIDE&SEEK.
1.00 0 300
The Kingdom of Roanth, a once beautiful and peaceful place, now in ruins. Hearts are being broken, and vows are being betrayed as tensions run high. On the brink of war, what shall happen to this once wondrous land?? Comments
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88 Eastern Lands
1.00 175 910
A Medieval roleplay based on the world of Tamora Pierce's Tortall which has magic elements. Tortall has a new king, Baird V, who doesn't mind letting the conservative Lords run the country as long as he has plenty of time to eat, drink and be merry. PG-13 Comments
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89 Aegle Waygate
NR 0 60
Roleplay now!:

Platform: IRC
RPG: We're traditional Medieval Fantasy, dice-bot, character sheet enforced, open-end, and customizable. Freeform is welcome any time, and
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90 Truant Muse
NR 0 12
It's Queen Elizabeth Gloriana's theater. If you want to act in it, you have to be male and you have to please her. If she does not laugh, she is not happy, and you are no longer found in her great graces. The Queen prefers comedy, but most of the playwrig Comments
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