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61 Eastern Lands
1.00 175 907
A Medieval roleplay based on the world of Tamora Pierce's Tortall which has magic elements. Tortall has a new king, Baird V, who doesn't mind letting the conservative Lords run the country as long as he has plenty of time to eat, drink and be merry. PG-13 Comments
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62 Remnants of an Empire
1.00 1 189
The year is 410 C.E. -- and from the Atreos Mountains in the far west to the Blessed Isles on the eastern edge of the continent the Amoraean Empire rules the known world. For over five hundred years the Emperor of Amoraea has held dominion over countless Comments
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1.00 143 429
FAIR IS FOUL is a medieval inspired AU roleplay site set in the midst of a War of Succession that will decide the future ruler of the Three Realms.

Will it be Caitriona Bronagh, the only legitimate heir left behind by her father the late King Paulus Br
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64 The Tudors World
1.00 1 680
Welcome to Henry VIII's Court.. Comments
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65 City of Verona
1.00 0 391
Verona, 1530, two families are feuding, the Montecchi and Cappelletti. Based on Romeo & Juliet. Comments
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66 ForsilvraII
1.00 595 543
Loosely inspired by A Game of Thrones, this rpg focuses on the political upheavals and court intrigues of a medieval kingdom falling into civil war. Rated M, 18+, no word count. Comments
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67 The Most Happy
1.00 8 165
Queen Katherine of Aragon was called home by God during the Sweating Sickness outbreak in 1528.

Henry remains infatuated with Anne Boleyn and means to marry her, but how will England react to this new relationship? And what of the Lady's rumoured Luth
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68 Domhnall
1.00 173 672
Welcome to the kingdoms of Morbourne, Fallhaven and Valcoast. These cities of Domhnall are unique & all tied together. The population is a mix of humans & mages, with the ruling bodies of each kingdom the latter: super powered & deadly. Though for now the Comments
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69 A Matter of Chance
1.00 0 565
AMoC is set in 1813 in England. The game is very open to all sorts of characters and plots. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. We're quite new, but ready for lots of activity and fun. Comments
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70 Dangerous Desires
1.00 1 103
King Arthur of England has died. He leaves no true heir...except for his younger brother Henry. Descending upon the throne is a young and handsome new King. Henry makes sure that his brother's widow and young daughter are taken care of. He soon marries t Comments
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71 Hang 'Em High 1881
1.00 203 620
A western Supernatural RP set in the United States and its territories in 1881. We are an advanced, 18+ role play site. Comments
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72 Lace and Corsets
1.00 1 262
It is 1505 in Tudor England. The recently widowed Katherine of Aragon has been shunned by her family, and left penniless. And, she is currently nine months pregnant with Prince Arthur\'s child. Is Katherine carrying the heir to the English throne? Or is Comments
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73 Tantrums & Tiaras: A Tudors Roleplay
1.00 0 660
This is a roleplay featuring Henry VIII and his children. We are going by the historical timeline and welcome any roleplayers who want to take up one of the historical Tudor characters. Comments
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74 High Faith
1.00 25 366
We are in the year 1515, and England has once again fallen beneath the dark cloud known as 'The Sweat'. People all over the city are falling into a panic as the first of the sick begin to die. Even their King is sick, can the pregnant Katherine handle cou Comments
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75 Circle the Wagons
1.00 461 1474
Circle the Wagons is an advanced to intermediate wild west role-play set in the Colorado Territory. Founded by a group of drifters just over a decade ago there are friends, enemies and money to be made here if one is willing to devote blood, sweat and tea Comments
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