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91 The Queen's Games
NR 0 85
A medieval fantasy RP board based loosely on Tamora Pierce's Tortall series (no knowledge of the books required!). The matriarchal country of Kalim faces threats from the massive Empire on its borders as well as unrest amongst the criminal underworld and Comments
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92 Bury My Bones!
NR 8 7
Bury My Bones is a semi-realistic medieval sandbox styled roleplay where our members get to form plots and tell their own stories! For those craving a bit of structure from the start, BMB offers side plots and many wanted ads. We strive for both community Comments
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93 King's Crusade
NR 0 17
King's Crusade is a new take on online collaborative roleplay, being based on the King's Crusade, otherwise known as the Third Crusade which was fought between 1189 and 1192, detailing the first three years before and the many years following it. We are u Comments
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94 Do you hear the people sing?
NR 48 2
The Year is 1832 and Paris is in turmoil. The site uses canons from the Les Miserables and Scarlet Pimpernel novel, set in an AU context.
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95 To Love A Country
NR 2 5
It's the year 1525 and a dark rebellion is arising for the young King Henry VIII. AU Tudor RPG with a supernatural twist. Set during season one of The Tudors. Comments
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96 Divine Right
NR 2 71
It's up to King Henry VIII to establish allies, defend his kingdom and produce a male heir to continue the Tudor line. Come write your own history. Comments
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97 A World Torn Apart
NR 39 23
A Founders Era Harry Potter and General Medieval Fantasy Roleplaying Site which welcomes all kinds of characters, from royalty and nobility to common folk and magical creatures. Comments
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98 Downton Abbey RPG
NR 83 33
Taking place after the closing of season three, the Crawley family is still picking up the pieces after Matthew's death. Join as an original or canon favorite. You decide what happens next... Comments
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99 American Glory
NR 0 25
1950s.Americana. New York City.

New York City holds many names, but either way it is known for it's bright lights, restless nightlife, and glamour. It is very easy to be caught up in wanting to make it big and to make a nam
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100 Shultanas
NR 0 125
Shultanas is an AU historical RPG set during the Renaissance/Medieval Era. Though there is an over-arcing site plot, the site is very character-driven and values its players' creativity. We welcome you to join the fun. Comments
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