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46 London Times
5.00 0 497
The year is 1855. Queen Victoria is on the throne, industries are growing, and railroads are spreading across the country. In the fast-paced city of London, the rich carry on with their high-society lives while the poor rot in the slums. Comments
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47 the great war
5.00 0 287
a free-for-all world war one rpg doesn't come around very often, so voila. here you have it. it's called the great war, where we go by chronological order to re-enact the "war to end all wars". if you need help understanding, it's simple. we have provided Comments
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48 Darker With The Day
5.00 0 517
Darker With The Day is an Edwardian Era rp forum revolving around the daily lives and intrigue of the working class through nobility.
DWTD is rated mature for graphic themes and elements including violence, sexual content and language.
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5.00 6 352
an alternate universe of alfred hitchcock's PSYCHO.
marion crane took a shower and finished cleaning. never screamed. never felt her own blood on her skin. the door was simply locked.
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50 (T H I N K of E N G L A N D)
5.00 1 420
It's spring of 1817, and the season is just about to begin. Don't out one toe out of line, or your whole family will be ruined for years to come. Rated M for Mature. Comments
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51 Twenty-Five Point Program
5.00 0 442
1947. In an alternate universe, Adolf Hitler is self-proclaimed Weltkonig after the whole world fell under the iron fist of Nazi Germany. The second world war is won... how long will it be before rebellion takes place in London and a new war begins? Comments
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4.00 18 268
Deep in the heart of England, there lives a Legend; Robin Hood!

While the King is held hostage in Germany, his Empire falls apart under the control of his brother, John. There is only one man fighting for freedom; Robin Hood. He and his band of outlaws
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4.00 23 284
This is the time of "way back when". Most commonly referred
to by your grandparents. A time of 10 cent gas and brand
new 1000 dollar cars. A time where total wars still rage on,
taking your brothers, husbands, and fathers away to fight
without their s
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54 Of Wine and Rubies
1.00 8 213
1535, Henry VIII is dead and his son by Katherine of Aragon; Henry Tudor is taking the throne. Join us as this new King learns how to run a kingdom and decides the fate of his family and his country. Comments
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55 Kingdoms of Thareveth
1.00 44 439
Opened December 5th, 2011. We are a beginner to advanced high fantasy medieval roleplay site. We offer an original fantasy plot not inspired by books or series. Open canons; many species available from Humans to Spirits to Dwarves to Nymphs! We're small, Comments
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56 Di Venezia
1.00 0 265
The year is 1606, the setting? La bella Venezia. The city is at turmoil, two clerics have been arrested for petty crimes, and the church can no longer own any land! The pope puts Venice in Interdict, and the churches no longer holds and services. In a cit Comments
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1.00 44 295
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58 A Centenary of Dreams
1.00 0 2007
An Edwardian Era site revolving around the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic. Comments
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59 Historical Universes
1.00 18 607
Historical Universes is a multi-period, multi-game role playing experience! Imagine an array of the most interesting timeperiods to RP in all on the same board. That is our goal and dream, along with bringing together some of the best historical RPers. HU Comments
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60 Edolon: Empires at War
1.00 516 641
After five years at war, king and crusaders return to a realm where the peace they fought so hard to preserve may already be gone. A medieval game set in the royal court. Mature, no word count. Comments
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