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46 Affections & Affectations
5.00 1 559
A&A is a historical literary RPG for advanced to intermediate writers. The setting is a fictional English city during the latter quarter of the 1800s. Drama and intrigue, humour and fun. Slow, but loyal member community. Rated PG/PG13. Comments
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47 Lackadaisy Speakeasy
5.00 72 309
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48 Twenty-Five Point Program
5.00 0 442
1947. In an alternate universe, Adolf Hitler is self-proclaimed Weltkonig after the whole world fell under the iron fist of Nazi Germany. The second world war is won... how long will it be before rebellion takes place in London and a new war begins? Comments
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49 Rondeau
5.00 55 393
Set in the small village of Towerhurst in the early 1800s, Rondeau follows the lives of its inhabitants as they forge connections, make enemies, and rise in the world... or fall to their destruction. Comments
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50 Darker With The Day
5.00 0 515
Darker With The Day is an Edwardian Era rp forum revolving around the daily lives and intrigue of the working class through nobility.
DWTD is rated mature for graphic themes and elements including violence, sexual content and language.
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51 Universally Acknowledged
5.00 1 336
The autumn of 1797, and in the quiet town of Meryton, the world the inhabitants know is changing. The leisurely pace of life they have enjoyed upto this point is at an end. With the arrival of a new noble family and the militia, new relationships will be Comments
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52 the great war
5.00 0 287
a free-for-all world war one rpg doesn't come around very often, so voila. here you have it. it's called the great war, where we go by chronological order to re-enact the "war to end all wars". if you need help understanding, it's simple. we have provided Comments
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53 The Cat's Pajamas
5.00 24 311
It's 1923 in Bitter Springs, New Jersey, a place where the good times roll and the liquor flows freely- if you know where to get it. Want the dirt on our magnificent city? You'll have to drop by to find it. Comments
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4.00 23 284
This is the time of "way back when". Most commonly referred
to by your grandparents. A time of 10 cent gas and brand
new 1000 dollar cars. A time where total wars still rage on,
taking your brothers, husbands, and fathers away to fight
without their s
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4.00 18 268
Deep in the heart of England, there lives a Legend; Robin Hood!

While the King is held hostage in Germany, his Empire falls apart under the control of his brother, John. There is only one man fighting for freedom; Robin Hood. He and his band of outlaws
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56 Falling out of Love
1.00 5 263
The year is 1841. The month? April. Spring is here; everything is in full bloom in England--even the ladies! Political turmoil remains, as always, hidden behind lacy fans and the planning and execution of debutante balls. The season has began! "Jane Auste Comments
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57 Di Venezia
1.00 0 265
The year is 1606, the setting? La bella Venezia. The city is at turmoil, two clerics have been arrested for petty crimes, and the church can no longer own any land! The pope puts Venice in Interdict, and the churches no longer holds and services. In a cit Comments
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58 Domhnall
1.00 173 672
Welcome to the kingdoms of Morbourne, Fallhaven and Valcoast. These cities of Domhnall are unique & all tied together. The population is a mix of humans & mages, with the ruling bodies of each kingdom the latter: super powered & deadly. Though for now the Comments
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59 Eastern Lands
1.00 175 907
A Medieval roleplay based on the world of Tamora Pierce's Tortall which has magic elements. Tortall has a new king, Baird V, who doesn't mind letting the conservative Lords run the country as long as he has plenty of time to eat, drink and be merry. PG-13 Comments
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60 Kingdoms of Thareveth
1.00 44 439
Opened December 5th, 2011. We are a beginner to advanced high fantasy medieval roleplay site. We offer an original fantasy plot not inspired by books or series. Open canons; many species available from Humans to Spirits to Dwarves to Nymphs! We're small, Comments
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